Legal advice

Legal advice

The subject of legal advice is based on two important issues, both of which are related to each other:

  1. Owning a property for foreigners in Turkey
  2. Opening a company for foreigners in Turkey

Since the Tabassum company specializes in the field of real estate and commercial services, it provides on its website legal advice that facilitates its visitors to see the laws of owning real estate and opening companies and businesses for foreigners in Turkey.

If you are entitled to own property in Turkey, all you have to do is contact the Turkish embassy in your country and inquire whether the country of your nationality has the right to own and invest in Turkey or not.

After knowing this and making sure of the possibility of ownership, you have the right to buy various real estate from homes, shops, lands and fields, but within the following legal conditions for that country.

Legal conditions that apply to foreigners when buying real estate:

  1. A foreigner can buy real estate in Turkey with a maximum total of 3 hectares.
  2. He cannot buy real estate in the military and security areas.
  3. He can buy real estate in a specific area or town with a maximum of 10% of the total land in this town or region.
  4. In the case of a mortgage, the legal restrictions do not apply to real persons and commercial companies that have legal personalities and are established in foreign countries

The provisions of liquidation shall apply to real estate in the following cases:

  1. If the property was purchased illegally.
  2. If the relevant ministries and departments concerned acknowledge that the property was used in a way other than the purpose for which it was established.
  3. If an application is not submitted to the concerned ministry during the period given to the foreign investor, in case there is an obligation to establish a project on the real estate.
  4. If the projects are not implemented within the specified time.


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