Our services

Our services

Most of our services are free.

We do not take a commission from the buyer or investor.

1- Pre-sale services:

One of our employees from the Customer Service Department contacts you over the phone to provide you with information about the best option for residential and commercial areas, to introduce you to the most important construction companies in Turkey, and to know your requirements fully in order to shorten the time when conducting a field tour on the ground.

  • Receiving you from the airport, in addition to the possibility of securing a hotel reservation if desired.
  • A field tour through which we get to know the residential, commercial, and investment areas and provide you with support and advice in order to reach the appropriate option for you.

2- Sales services:

We provide you with logistical support during your purchase of the property, from extracting the necessary documents for the purchase, opening a bank account, and securing certified lawyers to accompany you in all purchase procedures, starting with the attestation of contracts with the Attestation Department and ending with obtaining the final title deed (Tabu).

3- After-sales services:

  • If you want to live, we help you to furnish the property in addition to helping you open water, electricity, gas, and internet subscriptions.
  • If you wish to invest in real estate, we provide you with services of renting it furnished or unfurnished or reselling it.
  • In the event that the project is under construction, we will provide you with periodic reports on the construction status of the project, accompanied by pictures and videos.
  • We offer you a free tourist residence extraction service upon purchase.

4- Turkish citizenship services:

We assist you in the Turkish citizenship file after you purchase a property, where we have a group of Turkish lawyers and lawyers specialized in initiating and following up on files and procedures related to obtaining Turkish citizenship, starting with real estate appraisal experts, passing through the follow-up of the citizenship file in all its stages and ending with obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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