How to obtain citizenship in Turkey | Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

How to obtain citizenship in Turkey | Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

How to obtain citizenship in Turkey | Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are thousands of foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship and there are many conditions necessary to apply for Turkish citizenship. There are also several ways in which you can obtain citizenship in Turkey.

The fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey:

In August 2017, the Turkish government issued an update on the laws regarding the possibility for foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship (real estate investment).

According to the updated version of the law, “Foreign citizens who meet any of the following conditions can obtain Turkish citizenship on the proposal of the relevant ministry and approval of the Turkish Council of Ministers:

1- Fixed investment with a value of not less than two million US dollars, documented by the Turkish Ministry of Economy

2- Owning a property in Turkey with a value of at least 250 thousand US dollars, and a pledge not to sell it for a period of three years, with the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development

3- Providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens with approval by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

4- Deposit an amount of 500 thousand dollars for a period of three years, in one of the banks operating in the Republic of Turkey and with the approval of the General Authority for Banking Supervision

5- Purchase through state borrowing instruments in the amount of 3 million dollars for a period of three years, and with the approval of the General Advisory of the Treasury in Turkey

Acquisition of citizenship from birth in Turkey

One of the easiest ways to obtain citizenship is for a person to be born from a father and a mother with Turkish citizenship

Obtaining citizenship by a decision from the competent authority

It is the approval of the competent authority for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship, even if the foreigner’s circumstances comply with all the conditions, it will not be able to give citizenship unless the Turkish authorities agree to do so

One of the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to live in Turkey for 5 years with a work permit and extend it annually after a work permit, or marriage

These types of applications can be done individually or by mail

The decision was issued by the Council of Ministers to determine the persons who will be granted citizenship, as obtaining Turkish citizenship does not affect the citizenship of the husband or wife, and after submitting the application for Turkish citizenship, the custody of the child will be transferred to the other spouse with their consent. Residency of the mother/father If both the father and the mother obtain Turkish citizenship together, the children will be automatically accepted as Turkish citizens

When looking at all these conditions, the easiest way to obtain citizenship in Turkey is to own real estate and obtain a residence permit with living for 5 years in Turkey, i.e. a residence that can be renewed annually while owning a property in Turkey and in this way you will have an investment, and you will be able to get a Residence permit. There is also another advantage of this method is obtaining a residence permit with your entire family

Restore Turkish citizenship

Those who have lost Turkish citizenship by one of the ways can apply in order to obtain citizenship and become Turkish citizens. This section relates to those who have lost their Turkish citizenship for political or economic reasons.

Acquisition of citizenship through marriage

The easiest and most famous way is to marry a Turkish citizen and obtain Turkish citizenship through him, but marrying a Turkish citizen does not grant you citizenship directly – only after 3 years of marriage. You can also apply for citizenship through the following conditions;

a) the residence of the spouses together
b) Stay away from wrong behaviors that could harm the spouses
c) There should be no threat to national security and public order

Obtaining Turkish citizenship under exceptional circumstances

There are other exceptions that grant Turkish citizenship to many people, for example Turkey’s accession to industrial, scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic facilities, which is a distinguished service to the people sooner or later and an important factor for the progress of ministries.

  • “Businessmen, democracy and Turkish citizenship by investment”, which is another way to obtain citizenship by making investments and opening businesses in Turkey.
    Citizenship may be granted to persons of importance in Turkey.
    It may be granted to persons who have been accepted as immigrants.

Turkish Citizenship Conditions

A foreign citizen can obtain citizenship if he fulfills all of the following conditions

The applicant must be of the majority age
To have been residing in Turkey for five years without interruption and not to spend more than 180 days in a year
 The applicant must prove documents for the purpose of residence in Turkey. These purposes are

Owning a property in Turkey
Establishing a business in Turkey
Investing in Turkey
Moving to Turkey for the purpose of a business or commercial company
Work in Turkey with a work permit
Marriage to a Turkish citizen
I was close to someone who had previously obtained Turkish citizenship
Completed education in Turkey

 the presence of a disease that constitutes an obstacle to public health
The person should be responsible and trustworthy
Must be able to speak a sufficient level of Turkish
They have an income or profession to support himself/themselves, he/she is in Turkey
Respect for national security and public order

All your documents and files will be checked and an interview will be scheduled. If the committee approves your application, the file is sent to the Ministry of Interior. This is due to the decision to grant citizenship through the Ministry. If rejected, the file will be sent to the governor.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship

A passport or other documents proving the nationality of the applicant. Or if the applicant does not have any nationality, documents that prove that he does not have a nationality must be brought.
– birth certificate
Residence permit
Documents confirming how much time you spent outside Turkey, and how much time you spent inside Turkey. (Passport stamp, residence permit, photo)
If married, you must bring official documents confirming the identity and family ties of the spouse and all children under the legal age. (Marriage license, birth certificate for children)
If you have any relatives in Turkey – a copy of the Turkish ID and address in Turkey.
– net income
A certificate proving that the student is able to speak the Turkish language (the certificate will be issued by the Turkish Consular Section and an interview will be conducted with the applicant)
4 photos taken in the first month

Frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship

? Where should I apply for Turkish citizenship
The application for Turkish citizenship is done by the government at the place of residence in the country or at the Foreign Affairs Office abroad and must be applied by the person himself or by a lawyer. Applications submitted by mail are not accepted.

 How can I know what stage my application has reached after applying for Turkish citizenship
You can obtain your information through the site by entering your file number or identification information.

3) Can I get information on the number of foreigner IDs?
The identity of foreigners in the Republic of Turkey is given with 11 digits and begins with the number 9.

4) How long does the citizenship process take to obtain?
These procedures take a reasonable period of time if all the required documents and papers are in place to carry out the citizenship work. Unless there is any information or documents missing.

5) Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through the mother or father?
According to Article 1 of the Nationality Law No. 403, if he was born from a mother or a father with citizenship, he is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship.

6) If my application is rejected, can I resubmit it?
According to the terms and conditions of Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, you can re-apply from your place of residence again.

7) Is it possible to hold Turkish citizenship while keeping the citizenship of the other country?
Yes, if they meet the conditions required for obtaining the citizenship of another foreign country, and you can keep Turkish citizenship as well.

8) Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen?
After 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen and your residence in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

9) In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, how long do I have to live in Turkey? Can I during this period be outside Turkey?
In Article 11 of Law 5901. You must reside without interruption. Accordingly, “The foreigner to whom the grant of Turkish citizenship applies must live in Turkey for 5 years, and may stay abroad without exceeding six months during the required residency period.

10) Where can I obtain a residence permit in my country?
You can obtain a residence permit from the police station

How to obtain citizenship in Turkey | Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship


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